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Consulting Services

Gaming USA Corp. acts as a consultant to various companies in the gaming industry. In the past, Gaming USA has consulted in the areas of general business consulting, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, financing and marketing for gaming companies who were both public and private. Gaming USA plans to expand the consulting business into other areas with the lodging industry being the first, either on their own or in a joint venture with other consulting companies.

Gaming USA's consulting business is primarily generated by the awareness provided by Gaming USA's publications, direct solicitation, referrals from existing clients and word of mouth. Gaming USA's CEO has appeared on CNBC, local news programs and has been quoted in various newspaper and media publications around the world. Gaming USA utilizes that publicity to further the publishing and consulting business.

Gaming USA Corp. has regularly been operating 4 to 5 long-term consulting contracts at a time along with some additional short term special situation projects, such as feasibility studies on casino projects. Gaming USA Corp. maintains and regularly draws from a pool of gaming industry experts who are available on a short term basis to its clients. Gaming USA Corp. is also able to subcontract and continue to manage all aspects of more specific consulting needs in other areas of expertise.

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